How to Set or Change the Default Font in Excel 2010

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 kaw e worksheet, header snr footer, snr tex box ni hkan laika ka yang font size gaw default body font hku na 11 sha re hpe mu lu ai. Excel lang ai hpu nau wa laga font hpan snr font size ni hpe galai na lang mayu ai nga yang ndai hku di la ga

1. Run Office Excel 2010.
2. Click on File tab.
3. Click Options.

4.In the General category, under When creating new workbooks section, select the font to use in the Use this font drop down box.

Optionally, select a preferred font size for the font type in the Font Size box.
5. Click on OK button.
6. Click OK again when prompted with “for your change to the standard font to take effect, you must quit and then restart Microsoft Excel” dialog box.

7.Close all Excel windows and restart Excel 2010, and the new default font and font size will be applied to new workbooks created.

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Fonts ra ai ni a matu

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